We help clients transform their organization into an organization in which continual improvement is second nature for everyone, everywhere and everyday. We don’t implement Lean; we help you think and apply Lean thinking in the initiatives that your business needs to better serve your customers and improve your returns.

We help analyze your challenges, co-develop and help deploy your Lean vision and strategy, build-up an autonomous organization, define programs and initiatives, and — most importantly — we help actually making it work successfully, together with you and your teams!


The mere introduction of methods, tools and techniques is not sufficient to encourage an organization to adopt a true continual improvement mindset. Also, continuously initiating improvement projects is different from true continual improvement.

Continual improvement requires more than only attention for tools; it demands intensive attention for the mindset, attitude and behavior of everyone. We coach and challenge the organization at each level to think and act differently to ensure sustainable and continually better performance. And we do so on your shop floor, facing the same challenges as you do, shoulder-by-shoulder.

Competency Building

The development of competency and skill is a crucial element in the creation of autonomy which is at the heart of continual improvement. This is not only true for specific Lean methods, tools and techniques, but also for the operational management skills of team leaders, first line supervisors and unit managers. Or even the way in which larger Lean or Operational Excellence initiatives are shaped, led and supported.

We develop and deliver in-house training and coaching programs tailored to your situation and help you set up internal Lean academies or universities. And we help shaping your Lean deployment.



Thanks to Rob’s Lean and supply chain knowledge and his strong leadership, our plants have been massively transformed with kanban systems on casting, rolling and finishing processes. Delivery performance improved from 45% to 80% with significantly less inventory on hand. Right from the start, we were fully aligned on the way to implement pull flow principles, and he succeeded in embarking our plants’ management teams on this disruptive transformation.


Yves Merel

Executive Vice President Lean Manufacturing / Constellium

Rob is a very energetic and driven person with an in depth knowledge of Lean. This is the reason why Rob was contracted to assist with the kick off and introduction to a Lean culture. His knowledge of the subject and the industry is a good combination and the fact that Rob can find the important balance between theory and practice, made our project successful. Expect a person with solid knowledge, high energy and a drive to push your organisation towards a Lean culture.


Morten Johansen

Executive Director / DP World Caucedo

Rob worked with us in developing and implementing Lean Management in the outbound supply chain. His excellent knowledge and broad experience in this area helped us to tailor-make a concept which really fitted the needs of our organization. As Rob works closely together with the people and during the implementation – constantly challenging – he was clearly a cornerstone of the whole change management process. He always delivered what he promised with down-to-earth approaches and full of inspiration and support.


Annett Lülow

Head of Supply Chain Center Latin America / Covestro



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