Dumontis is a composition of the Latin words “Dux” and “Montis”, meaning “guide of the mountain”. Dumontis fulfills the role of critical guide and mentor of organizations that are on the way to their own mountain top. We thereby pay particular attention to the purpose of your organization, your processes and your people: purpose, process, people.

Mountain Guide

Dumontis was created by Rob van Stekelenborg, Operations professional pur sang. Besides having a solid academic background with an engineering and doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science of the Eindhoven University of Technology, he has extensive, international experience in the field of Operations management and improvement. This experience was gained at companies like GE, Bayer, Philips, Alstom and Valeo (a reference in the field of Lean).

Dumontis disposes of a unique set of characteristics with which it is not only capable to support you in developing or applying methods and techniques, but also to challenge you and your organization in your way of seeing, thinking and leading. As one of the few, Dumontis is able to help you to effectively introduce true continuous improvement, based upon years of hands-on experience. We will inspire your to take the next step on the road to better!

Lonely Tree

Dumontis represents top quality, respectful exactingness, drive, integrity, honesty and involvement. We provide leading quality, in terms of technical content and professional knowledge, organizational transformation and change skills, as well as in the way we engage people and create ownership. We challenge you and your organization to see, think and do differently and we are demanding in this. We transform thinking into doing!


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